Do you know these people?

This photo was taken in 1901 of Robert MUNN and Margaret Barr of Huron County, Ontario.

It includes: Thomas 1861-1941 (m Mary Black), MANITOBA; Robert 1855-1929 (m Maryanne Maneely), MANITOBA; Alexander 1857-1934 (m Margaret McMahon), ONTARIO; Peter 1853-1925 (m Eliza Jane Eacrett), ONTARIO; John 1849-1931 (m Agnes Stevens), ALBERTA; Margaret 1859-1938 (m Geo. O'Brien), Estavan, SASK.; Jane 1851-1925 (m John Leishman), Stault Saint Marie, ONTARIO; Ann 1847-1921 (m Adam Heronemus), MICHIGAN; Hume 1845-1907 (m James Dick & Walter Hyslop), MANITOBA.
Problem is, I don't know which one is which!  Please check your attics, there should be 8 more copies!

Jane Coleman