Simon Pollon
"Simon Pollon (Pawling as the Registrar entered it) was born near Otterham, Cornwall, England on 3 April 1845. He was part of the extended family of his parents William Pollon and Jane Westlake who were married in 1844. In the summer of 1851 William Pollon, at the age of 51, uprooted his young family and migrated to Darlington Township in Durham County, Ontario. There was a large Cornish settlement there and the family remained in this area until 1864 when they migrated once again 150 miles west to Usborne Township in Huron County near London.
Simon was married to a local girl, Matilda Davis, at Mitchell, Ont. on 17 November 1870. Their first child, William James was born at Farquhar, Ont on 5 October 1871. Simon soon relocated yet again 150 miles to the northeast and settled in the rough bush of Medonte Township, Simcoe County north of Barrie. It was here that Matilda died in the summer of 1873 during childbirth. The next year on 28 September 1874 Simon re-married again to a Scottish girl, Isabella Proven, who lived nearby with relatives. She brought another child, Elizabeth, into the marriage and they soon had two more boys, George in 1875 and Jack in 1878.
Simon's father died in February of 1879. The year or two before that had been witness to "Manitoba Fever". Simon caught the bug and loaded up the family and departed for Manitoba in May of 1879.
The Pollons arrived by steamboat from Fisher's Landing in the boomtown of Winnipeg on Dominion Day. The Manitoba Free Press carried a letter that week concerning the glowing future of an area known as "Little Saskatchewan". Simon and his brother Tom left their families in a boarding house and followed the Carlton Trail to claim their homesteads along the east side of the Little Saskatchewan Valley.
While Tom remained in the area for only a few years before departing to greener pastures in the new boomtown of Dauphin, Simon was to spend the next 47 years in one spot. He and Isabella added to their family with Sarah in 1881, Tom in 1883, Albert or "Dick" as he was known in 1886, Joe in 1889, Simon in 1892, Art in 1895 and Andy in 1897.
Being a public service minded person Simon was probably best remembered for his 30 odd years service on the municipal councils of first the RM of Clanwilliam and later on the RM of Minto. He also served on the school board as well as taking part in the activities of the Methodist Church and was a practicing Oddfellow.
Simon was predeceased by his wife Isabella on 6 March 1920 and he died a day before his 81st birthday on 2 April 1926. Both are buried with many of their descendants in the cemetery at Clanwilliam."
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