John and Harriet (Ward) McKinney of Bethany

The McKinney's came to MB from Ontario in 1879 and settled on a farm north-east of Clanwilliam, in the Empire District.
Regina Lillian McKinney was third child and only one born in MB. She has the distinction of being the first white girl born in the Empire District. Canon E.A. Warton Gill of Minnedosa officiated at Regina McKinney and David Munro's wedding in Bethany in 1904. Regina was a Life Member and one of the seven original members of the St Mary's Anglican Church Women's Auxiliary. She continued to farm after her husband's death in 1924 until 1954 when she moved to Edmonton AB to live with her oldest daughter, Olive and Olive's husband Arnold Robinson. She died there in 1958.

The Munro's came to MB in 1881. The head of the family,  Philip Munro, his wife the former Harriet Tupper, and their 11 children moved from Nova Scotia  and arrived by barge at Brandon NWT. They traveled northward to the valley where the town of Minnedosa now stands. The family then continued on up the river to homestead in the Little Saskatchewan River Valley some twelve miles north of Tanner's Crossing, now known as Minnedosa. The choice of a site for a homestead was chosen because of the similarity to the Nova Scotia home they had left behind,  with its spring water, beautiful valley, and surrounding hills.
David Wilson Munro was born the youngest child of eleven at New Annan Nova Scotia. In 1902 David bought property from John Moad; the land originally belonging to Thomas Turner.

In 1904 he married Regina Lillian McKinney to whom were born four daughters and five sons. The farm, there in the Minnedosa River Valley, west of Clanwilliam and twelve miles north of Minnedosa, remains in the family to this day.Two bachelor sons, Albert Roy and James Tupper, continued to farm there until their deaths and it is in the posession of David's son Darcy today.

David was a warden of St. Mary's Anglican Church which he helped build in 1905 at Clanwilliam. He was also one of the first three trustees of the Crocus Hill School District organized in 1908.

David died during the winter of 1924 while visiting his brother Henry Smith Munro, who had moved west to Hanna AB. to take up Soldier Settlement Land after the Boer War in South Africa in 1900.

Today, Highway number 10 runs north and south through Manitoba and follows the Old Trail from Brandon north to Minnedosa and on up the scenic Valley right past the spot where Philip had his home. The highway then carries on to Riding Mountain National Park and still further on up to Flin Flon and the northern mining areas of Manitoba. Quite a change from the peaceful valley of 100 years ago.
David Wilson Munro married Regina Lillian McKinney
of Bethany MB. daughter of John and Harriet (Ward) McKinney
Munro Brothers: Jim, Percy, Cecil, Roy, and in front Darcy
Left to right: Jim, Regina and Roy Regina and her daughter Olive (Munro) Robinson

Munro Valley looking north 1930