Maber Family
MABER Samuel - born Bath, Somerset, England 1851 died 1902 Winnipeg. Buried
St.Johns Cathedral Cemetery.  A carpenter.   Son of Henry Maber and Mary
Freelove Maber (nee Quick).

MABER Araminta (widowed OSBORNE, nee JOHNS) born Truro, Cornwall, England
1845 daughter of Johns Thomas Johns and Jane (nee Wescott) Johns both of
Cornwall, England.  Araminta lived Winnipeg until c. 1920 died Ottawa 1926
body returned to Winnipeg for burial in St.Johns Cathedral Cemetery.   They
occupied "The Cornwall Hotel" Winnipeg for many years until it was pulled
down for development.

MABER Araminta Elizabeth born 1879 Fulham, London, England daughter of
Samuel and Araminta Maber (above named) married Charles Harrington in
Saskatchewan and returned to Winnipeg later. No issue found for this couple.

MABER Frederick Osman born 1875 either London or Bath, England son of Samuel
Maber and Araminta (above named). Died Winnipeg 1944. Married Woodhead 1896
Winnipeg.  They had a daughter Gladys Elma Maber 1904-1968 also lived

Samuel and Araminta Maber emigrated to Manitoba with other children who all
lived originally in Winnipeg but three married and moved away to Ottawa,
Vancouver and the United States and did not reside again in Manitoba and
died elsewhere.