Huebner Pioneers

My Grandfather, born Ludwig (Louis) Huebner, August 25, 1879 in Volinyan, Russia.  (His father s name was Amodeus Huebner, his mother s name was Emily, he had four siblings).

My Grandmother, born Matilda Penno,  January 6, 1882, married my Grandfather  March 28, 1900.

They had five children born in Russia, but the first, a boy they named Paul, was stillborn.  Here are the four children who were born in Russia:

-Martha Huebner, born July 27, 19027,  (married Bill Hohertz had 3 children born in Manitoba)

-Henry Huebner, born September 17, 1904, (married Emma Mather May 28 1927, move to Illinois and had 3 children there)

-Helen Huebner, born May 18, 1906, (married Frank Neumahr  date?, had 1 child  date?, not sure if born Winnipeg or Toronto)

-Emily Huebner, born October 28, 1909, (married Christopher Pfeifer November 20, 1929, had 3 children in Manitoba)

They had three more children born in Rosenfeld:

-Ida Huebner, born December 11, 1914 (married Richard Rentz December 5, 1931), had 2 children born in Winnipeg

(THIS IS MY MOTHER) Olga Huebner, born October 20, 1916 (married Thomas Teenan September 25, 1937, had 1 child born in Winnipeg)

-Elsie Huebner, born November 27, 1919 (married Fred Beitz March 30, 1940, had 1 child born in Winnipeg)

Their story:

My Grandparents were Lutheran Germans living in a colony in Russia.   In Rosenfeld Manitoba there was  Lutheran support network who helped the Germans emigrate.

I don t have exact dates, but Grandfather Louis Huebner would have emigrated on his own  likely between 1911 or 1912.  I used these dates as being the midpoint between the birth of children in Russia, and the birth of his children in Rosenfeld.

My Grandmother followed shortly thereafter, let s say 1913, with the four children.  Grandmother  related many times about the terrible voyage and how she thought she would die of sickness before reaching land.

The Lutheran support group in Rosenfeld secured a job for Grandfather looking after the CPR station in Rosenfeld, and they lived in a house next to the train station.

After Mother Died in 1996, I went to Rosenfeld to visit.  The Minister of the church was very kind, showed me a copy of the 75th anniversary celebrations.  My Grandfather and one of my aunts was mentioned in the booklet.

Mother s school teacher in Rosenfeld was Miss Elias (don t know her maiden name).   Miss Elias later moved to Toronto, and came to visit my mother.  After Mother died, I continued to visit Miss Elias (now widowed as Mrs. Peters) until she died in Winkler on a trip back home to visit her brother.  She was I believe, 94 years old at the time.