Edward H. Hebb, Winnipeg MB.

Resident of Winnipeg 56 years and pioneer hotalman, Edward H. Hebb of 107 Balmoral Place. Mr. H. Hebb,73  owned the old woodbine hotel. He was born in England and came to Winnipeg from Stratford-on-avon in March 1886. He was married June of the same year.He was in sports from 1886 to 1896 and was a member of the old Rover Bicycle charter members of the Granite Curling Culb. A member of Assiniborne Curbing Culb.Wife was Martha.His son Edward N. Hebb at suffolk,Virginia;two daughters, Mrs. E. Whitley and Mrs. Alex R. Burt both of Winnipeg.Also, two sisters Mrs. E. Smith ;My Grandma,and Mrs. A. Crerar.both of Winnipeg
I thought you maybe interested in Mr. Hebb since he was a pioneer of Winnipeg during Winnipeg's early history.

Submitted by Robert Kennedy.