Harpers of Neepawa

My mother is descended from the Harpers of Neepawa, Manitoba. I have some info on her ancestors Frederick (Fred) William Harper (1867-1951) of Neepawa, Manitoba and his wife Blanche Kilburn, the daughter of Arthur Kilburn of Neepawa, Manitoba. I hope you can post this on your website to help other people.

By the way, there is an article on the "Story of Arthur Kilburn, July 28, 1903". I do not have access to this article but the families concerned may want to pursue this.
George Harper (bc1839-September 17, 1886) George Harper, a Wesleyan Methodist born in Ontario, married Mary Halstead b.Aug. 20, 1839. From 1867 to 1872, George Harper was the Postmaster in Fenella, Haldimand Twp, Northumberland County, Ontario. Later, George Harper owned a ranch, a few miles north of Fenella, in Alnwick Twp, Northumberland County. George died in Alnwick at age 47 when his kerosene lamp exploded. Children: Frederick William Harper b.1867 (see below); Annie E. Harper b.Apr. 10, 1870 in Fenella (christ. Aug. 28, 1870); Frank H. Harper bc1875 of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Gertrude Harper bc.1876; Ethel May Harper (b.Oct. 5, 1882 in Alnwick) of Chicago, Illinois m.O'Connor; Mary Ann Harper of Detroit, Michigan.

Frederick (Fred) William Harper (August 18, 1867-March 31, 1951) christened Dec. 2, 1867 in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Fenella, Haldimand. Fred Harper, owner of a ranch in Neepawa/Rosedale, Manitoba married Blanche Kilburn (c1874-1908), daughter of Arthur Kilburn (bc1839) of Neepawa/Rosedale. Children: Frank Hartley Harper b.1895- see below; Elmer Arthur Harper (May 9, 1897-Feb. 20, 1979) of Blairmore, Alberta (m. in 1923 Annie Jane Blanche Pinkney, daughter of Judge Frederick Matthew Pinkney of Durham, England- sons Marshall Harper? and Frederick Kilburn Harper, M.A.); Laura Harper (married Forbes Stevenson and lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and Gertrude Harper, R.N. nurse (m. Enright).     Fred William Harper (1867-1951) married 2nd Celia Pearce and had Frederick Harper; George Harper; Doris Harper and Edith Harper.

Frank Hartley Harper (May 23, 1895-Dec. 2, 1974) of Neepawa/Rosedale, Manitoba (Wesleyan Methodist) married Edna Elsie Wiggins (July 31, 1894-July 31, 1987), daughter of Joseph Wiggins and Alma Ophelia Whelpton of Brandon, Manitoba. Frank (Engineer for the Canadian National Railway) and Edna settled in Edmonton, Alberta. Children: Melvin Ross Harper (served in the Royal Canadian Navy, World War II killed in Ostend, Belgium) and 2 daughters.

I hope this helps somebody.