William Grasby and Vina May McVetty

    William Grasby and Vina May McVetty moved from Cordova after he returned from the first World War. He worked in the round house and for the Buchannan Family of Dauphin for a short time before they settled in Gilbert Plains. In 1933 their first son Raymond Hugh was born, there second son was born in Minnedosa Man. at his Grandmothers it was the corination of King George so the town named him and the girl that was born that day. He was named (King) George and the girl was Victoria (1935).The rest of the family were born in Dauphin that was born in Dauphin Mary Hannah 1937, Violet May 1938, Margaret Rose 1939 and twin boys Donald, Gerald and Raymond Arnold born 1940 died of Pneumonia at 2 years 7 months. Mr. Grasby worked for other farmers in the area ,he was also very good with animals and often saved many a neighbors livestock. He became ill in 1965 and passed away in April 1965 in Gilbert Plains
where he is buried beside his son in the Eldon Cemetary. In 1998 he was joined by his wife who passed away in Nov. They also lost Hugh in 1974 with heart complications . Mrs. Grasby was a strong member of the United Church Womens Circle and eventually moved from the country to Town where she lived with her daughter Margaret.
     Vina McVetty Grasby,  Williams wife passed away Nov 24, 1998 in Dauphin Manitoba after a lengthy illness.

John Franklin Grasby
John was born on the high seas March 1, 1857 his birth was registered in London Ontario, as a child he grew up in the Gleneg Grey County Ontario. His father brought the family to Manitoba and Homesteaded in the R.M. of Odanah .He married Hannah Falkingham and they had the following children. Thomas James April 19, 1888, Herbert Albert Jan 9, 1890,
Harry May 5, 1891, William John April 26, 1893(Born Odanah Manitoba ) as were all the other children George Franklin Jan 11, 1909, Charles Dec 26, 1900, Aaron Nov 30, 1879,    Archie June 18, 1904, Martha Jane,Dec6, 1885(Ont), Flora Elizebeth Dec 7, 1886(Ont) , Melinda April 1,1875 Odanah) Ada, March 29, 1907 twins Edna &Mary Odanah died at birth. When
John and Hannah Retired he moved into Franklin Manitoba where he owned several parcels of land. John died March 13, 1943 Hannah Jan 19, 1929 both of them are buried in Riverside Cemetary Neepawa Manitoba