Dusome Families

by Jane Dusome

I found a document " Red River Marriages" described as a list of men who were
married by the Catholic Missionaries after the establishment of the Red River
Mission 1818-1831. In 1823 Francois Juissaume (this is one of the alternate
spellings of my name there are 23 known) is listed. It is believed that he
and his brother Pierre were in the west 1800-1810. In the document "The
Migration of Voyageurs from Drummond Island to Penetanguishene in 1828" by
A.C. Osborne 1901 Francois Dusome is labelled as one of the men in a photo as
"born at Fort Garry, Red River, 1820 (page 5). It also states Francois
Dusseaume was the old mail-carrier (page 7). Within the list of Voyageurs
(page 29) Francoise Clermont is listed as Francis Dussaume, sen.'s wife. His
DOB is 1796 & DOD Dec. 27, 1872. Her DOB is 1808 Indian Territory & DOD Dec.
16, 1855.

Their son Francois Dusome DOB July 12, 1822 Red River & DOD Mar. 29, 1906
married Sept. 28, 1841 Ste. Anne's Church, Penetanguishene, ON to Elizabeth
aka Isabelle Giroux DOB May 10, 1822 Drummond Is. & DOD Apr. 03, 1910.

Those are the dates I know.

Jane Dusome