Rosalia Basznianin and Family

Rosalia Basznianin emigrated to Canada with her children after the death of her husband Wilexa Basznianin in Zabiala, Oleszyce Stare, Austria (at that time).  One of those children is my grandfather, Nicholas.  Nick was born October 7, 1906 in Zabiala, Oleszyce Stare, Austria.  This was and still is a Ukrainian ethnic territory.   Zabiala still exists today, however, resultant of World War I border shifts is now located in southeastern Poland next to the western Ukraine.  Citizenship and Immigration Canada documents state that Nick Basznianin landed at Ellis Island In New York City in May 1913.  The Basznianins continued on to Canada where they settled in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.

The government has a Homestead file on Nick who is now known as Nick Boznianin.  Somewhere down the line, our last name got changed.  Upon growing up, Nick applied for and successfully was granted a Dominion Land Grant.  He farmed in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba his entire life.

Nick Boznianin married Mary Ferchuk in Manitoba on February 17, 1932 and they had two children (one of whom is my father).

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Heather Boznianin