Badgley, Emerson Manitoba

Annette, Rankin married James A. Badgley, 1880, Belleville, Ontario.
Relocated to Emerson, Manitoba, between 1881 and 1885.
Their children were:
Zella May, Belleville, Ont.  (b)June 4, 1881  (d)date unknown Penticton, B.C.
Juanita Leonora, Emerson, Manitoba.  (b)December 31, 1885  (d)date unknown London, England
Albert Horton, Emerson, Manitoba.  (b)March 20, 1887  (d)September, 1887 Emerson, Man
James Burnett, Emerson Manitoba.  (b)December 16, 1888  (d)1888 Emerson, Man
Carmen Lisle, Emerson, Manitoba  (b)June 14, 1893  (d)March 30, 1978, Penticton, B.C.
I have a great deal of written history as well as numerous photos, interesting one in particular, dated 1926, titled, pioneers of Emerson.   J.A. Badgley was a lumber merchant in the town of Emerson, as was his son Lisle.  Lisle relocated to B.C. in approx 1940 with his family.  James and Annette,  Lisle and Edna(nee Abbott) Memorial in Emerson cemetary.
Teri Phelps, Penticton, B.C.