Aikenhead, Hartney Manitoba

John Aikenhead, born 13 August 1857, near Almonte, Ramsay Township, Larnark County, Upper Canada
Mary Margaret Blair Aikenhead, born August 21, 1865 in Pakenham, Ontario.

They married in Almonte in about 1885
In 1891, the Aikenhead's settled in Harney, living for the first year on a rented farm and then in 1892, they bought a half-section of land in Hartney (west half of section 6, township 6, range 22, west of the principal meridian).  The home was named "Sunnyside" by Mary Aikenhead.
They had four children who were all born on the farm:
Campbell, (1981-1973).  He became a medical doctor (anesthetist) in Winnipeg and retired in 1953.  He died in 1973, in London, Ontario.
Stirton, 1895-1976;  He married Eliza Matheson.
Marion, born 1898.  She married George Frazer who owned a box company in Winnepeg.  She died in 1982.
Jean, born 1901.  She married John Southerland Sinclair.  Jean was a Registered Nurse.  Jean died in 1950.
Douglas, born 1904.  He was an educator and married Madge Wilkinson.  They lived in Calgary.  Douglas died in 1992.
In 1923, the Aikenhead's left the farm in Hartney and moved to Winnipeg.